Why Choose Us

The team of AGI verifies and studies your diamond in depth according to the basic 4 C's principle; that is The Color, The Clarity, The Cut and last but not the least The Carat weight. All these details help to evaluate the estimated retail value of the diamond you own. Furthermore to it the grading of the diamond is done by the color scale meter along with Clarity meter where the grades are given. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds as well as none clarity enhanced diamonds are examined by professionals to verify the results gathering the results in a concise report. Apart from these diamond related services, AGI also provides Antique Jewelry Appraisal assistance. All the process is done right in front of you with detailed elaboration as we grade your valuable belongings, giving you the rights to clear all the queries you may possibly have. Our lab is equipped with latest GIA instruments and up to date technology that helps us provide you with the best genuine results. So, provided you are in possession of any diamond accessories bring it to us and our experts will not only grade it for you but will also provide you with an accurate replacement value of the accessory you own. 


We offer exceptional, personalized customer service: Our professional staff is ready to provide you with prompt individual attention..
We are a Full-Service Laboratory: AGI Gemological Institute is your one-stop shop for every lab need, including appraisal services and customized reports.
Pre-Grading Services: Our pre-grading services are quick and reliable. Whether it's one stone or a hundred, our pre-grading offers an inexpensive choice without the expense of certification. Pre-grading allows clients the option to have a certificate printed from the pre-grading information a full year after the pre-grading service.
Customized Documents and Packaging: AGI Gemological Institute can individualize your certificates and packaging with creative solutions that help build your brand awareness.
Competitive Pricing: We understand your business needs and will work with you to help you sell more certified gemstones–profitably.
Fastest Turnaround in the Industry: At AGI Gemological Institute, our reputation for meeting clients' timetables is unsurpassed.
Education: An AGI Gemological Institute gemologist will train your staff to better sell certified diamonds. Based on our in-house research, we offer ongoing seminars to the industry on a wide variety of issues, from treated gemstones to synthetics.