Diamond Anatomy Education - Anatomy Of The Diamond

Crown — The portion of the diamond that sits above the girdle, including:  Diamond Anatomy Education  1. Table –the flat surface at the top of the diamond.2. Star Facets — Facets adjacent to the table, directing light down to the girdle and lower facets3. Bezel Facets — Kite-shaped facets between the star facets and the upper girdle facets.4. Upper Girdle Facets — Lowest facets of the crown, sit between the bezel facets and the girdle.5. Girdle — The diamond's outer edge, where the crown and pavilion meet. Either faceted or smooth.6. Pavilion — The portion of the diamond that sits below the girdle, including:- Lower Girdle Facets — The facets just below and adjacent to the girdle.- Pavilion Facets — The lowest facets, those just below and adjacent to the lower girdle facets- Culet — The bottom of the diamond, this can either be the point at the bottom of the diamond or a small facet parallel to the table.