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Accredited Gemological Institute (AGI NY) is an independent diamond and jewelry appraisal NYC service

AGI NY appraisals are recognized by all major insurance companies. We provide the best possible information to our clients regarding their diamond, jewelry, gem stone & watch purchases. So before you buy, if you're unsure and want to know if you are not getting ripped off, stop by our office and let one of Graduate Gemologists assist you. When you visit AGI NY, you can expect to be treated with the respect you deserve. We explain the complete appraisal process in detail. You are present at all times and the appraisal is performed in front of you, while you watch.

Let Skilled Gemologists Perform Your Jewelry Appraisal

Are you shopping for a wedding ring or another piece of fine jewelry that you want to last the rest of your life? Do you have a piece of antique jewelry that you need to have appraised to find out its worth? Do you have a loose gemstone that you need appraised for sale or to put in a piece of jewelry? You need the services of a qualified gemologist. When a gemstone is appraised, its value is determined by a rating of its clarity, its cut, its color, and its carats (size). These ratings are often called the four Cs, and one of a gemologist's jobs is to accurately rate each characteristic of a gem so that it can be appraised and sold at the right value. If a gem is highly clear with very little in the way of cloudiness or imperfections when looked at under a microscope, it will be rated higher. However, if its cut is poor and doesn't reflect light well, the poor rating on its cut will hurt its overall value.

Different Types of Appraisals

When you get a jewelry appraisal from a gemologist at AGI NY, you can choose what type of report to get on your appraisal. Different appraisals are performed for different reasons. If your jewelry has been damaged, for example, you'll get a damage report. Here's a quick overview of some of the different reports you can get from AGI NY

  • Quality Confirmation – This analysis is done to determine that your gemstone is of the quality that your seller claims. It will also set the replacement value of the stone if you ever have to replace it due to loss, theft, or damage.
  • Liquidation Appraisal – This is done to determine what your gemstones would be worth if you were to liquidate them immediately for cash.
  • Antique or Vintage Appraisal – Have you been wondering what your great grandmother's antique diamond earrings are worth? Of course, they're priceless to you, but if you want to insure them, you'll need to have them appraised to find out their replacement cost.

Why Choose us

Accredited Gemological Institute is a privately owned independent institute of diamonds and gems which is located in New York. We arrogantly provide you with the best evaluation of your exquisite diamond, jewelry, gem stone or watch purchases up to the highest level of accuracy. We, at AGI NY, are renowned for the authentication of diamonds and provide a Diamond Certification of the diamond accessory in your possessions.


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  • We offer exceptional, personalized customer service
  • We are a Full-Service Laboratory
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AGI's dedicated, professional appraisers are ready to help you with all your gem appraisal and diamond appraisal needs. As New York City's foremost authority on diamonds and gemstones, AGI's staff is dedicated to honesty and integrity. At AGI, our staff uses state-of-the-art technology to provide clients with the finest services available. AGI is among the leading appraiser gemological laboratories in New York City.

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