Diamond Certification

A diamond can represent a significant investment. To protect that investment, before they are sold, many diamonds are sent to third party, impartial laboratories to receive a thorough evaluation; this evaluation is known as diamond certification. Reputable laboratories are staffed by professional gemologists specializing in grading diamonds. Every diamond certification has a unique identification number corresponding to a specific diamond. Once the certificate is produced, it will travel with the sale of the diamond from the seller to the buyer.The most important aspect of the laboratory certification is that it provides an impartial judgment of the diamond's characteristics and quality. This certification, also referred to as a grading report or dossier, supplies the purchaser with added confidence that the diamond being sold is as described by the seller. The certificate is also a useful document for insurance purposes.Keep in mind that a laboratory certification should not be confused with an appraisal. While as appraisal's main purpose is to establish the diamond's insurance value, the diamond certification is not intended to evaluate a diamond's market value, but rather its characteristics and quality.