10 Most Popular Types of Diamond Cuts in 2015

types of diamond cuts

Maybe you know all about the fashion trends for 2015 and that this season (just like any other season), blonde is once again the number one color hair for women, but did you know what diamond cuts are in this year? It’s not exactly something that you read in every fashion magazine, but it’s definitely a trend you need to follow, either if you’re the one who expects (demands!) a diamond ring or the lucky guy who gets to buy it.

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Diamonds last indeed forever, regardless of their shape, but it helps to know a thing or two about types of diamond cuts and different diamond shapes. So, here we are, ready to tell you the 2015 trends for diamond’s cut:

1. Cushion Diamond Cut

You can’t go wrong with a cushion cut, especially since its popularity has increased over the years, leaving behind the once most popular princess cut diamond. Combining the charm of a vintage shape with the sparkle of the current trends, a cushion cut diamond will look breathtaking surrounded by antique diamond halos. If you want to add a touch of glamor, opt for Art Deco ring settings. This is indeed one of the diamond types that will last forever!

2. Vintage Diamond Cut

As we said above, some of the most trendy diamond types and one of the most appreciated diamond shapes from many different diamond shapes are the vintage diamond shapes. From VIP and celebrities to the girl next door, everybody seems to value these days the antique style. Maybe, it’s because the celebrities set the trends when it comes to diamond cuts and shapes (after all, they are the ones who afford to buy different types of diamonds without having to think twice when it comes to the prices), maybe it’s because we all long for the Old Hollywood charm. Either way, we know that vintage cuts of diamonds will be the perfect choice for romantic brides. Whether we’re talking about French cuts, antique cushion or rose cuts, your diamond ring will stand out in the crowd of diamond cuts and shapes.

3. Princess Diamond Cut

It’s true that is no longer the number one choice when it comes to diamond cuts and shapes, but it is definitely among the top three most popular shapes of 2015. It was first created in 1960, and since then many famous and less famous ladies have taken pride in their princess cut diamonds. It has a fancy shape and it goes perfectly with engagement rings. It is known as one of the most flexible diamond to work with and matches almost any style.

4. Round Diamond Cut

One of the most popular cuts of diamond that is still going strong is the round cut diamond. We have to admit that a round diamond cut represents about 75% of all diamonds sold in the world, but this means only one thing: it is really beautiful and desirable. A classic shape, perfect for both romantic and sophisticated ladies, this diamond cut is one of the most beautiful diamond shape of all different diamond shapes we know. We especially like a round shaped diamond with a hearts and arrows cut, which brings a plus of brilliance to the gem that no other round shaped diamond can bring. Due to its cut and shape, this type of round cut diamond can be considered superior to many other sophisticated shapes, especially when it enjoys the proper reflection of light that maximizes its brightness.

5. Marquise Diamond Cut

One of our favorite types of diamond cuts, the marquise diamond reminds us of royalty and a little bit of those gorgeous, evil step mothers from fairy tales. Nonetheless, we really fancy them due to their long and narrow cut that creates the illusion of a greater size and a dazzling sparkle. These football-shaped diamond types are a great choice if you want to maximize the perceived size and add a touch of mystery to your personality.

6. Radiant Diamond Cut

The radiant diamond impresses due to its unique shape and superb sparkle. Not exactly a square, more like a blend between a princess and cushion cut diamond, this diamond shape was created for the fashionistas, who want to stick to the “traditional” diamond jewelry, but will definitely love an extravagant touch to it. A radiant cut diamond has complete brilliant-cut facet pattern, which makes it a truly unique gem in the sea of different diamond shapes.

7. Asscher Diamond Cut

Although this diamond cut dates back to 1902, when two brothers from Holland decided to add new cuts of diamonds on the diamond market, it is one of the trendiest types of diamonds of 2015. The diamond has borrowed the names of the two brothers that shaped it – the Asscher brothers. It is a forerunner to the emerald cuts of diamond, but the remarkable difference hides in the square shape with large step facets, the higher crown and a much smaller table.

8. Emerald Diamond Cut

And here we are, at the emerald cut diamond, a popular and yet desirable diamond cut that brings joy to every bride to be, who is lucky enough to receive it. One of the most beautiful cuts of diamonds, the emerald cut diamond is unique due to the steep cuts of its pavilion. It also has an open table. While they don’t sparkle like brilliant cut diamonds, these diamonds have the power to produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, where the light plays with dark and dazzles the audience.

9. Pear Diamond Cut

The pear cut diamond is the result of a round shape diamond that meets a marquise shape diamond. Its trademark is the tapered point on one end, hence its resemblance with a pear. From the different types of diamonds that have this pear cut, the modified brilliant-cut pear shape diamond is probably the most beautiful, especially if you afford or you’re lucky enough to receive a large size diamond of this type (from 5 carats up). It is absolutely breathtaking!

10. Flawless Diamond Cut

Yes! A flawless diamond cut is always in trends and it should be one of the first things you check before buying a diamond (you probably know about the famous 4Cs by now). Since not many of us are experts in diamonds, the best thing to do before buying a diamond is to get an appraisal, especially if this diamond is part of an engagement ring. A diamond ring appraisal can be done by different accredited institutes, AGI being one of the best in the field. Their experts will tell you all you need to know about your diamond and assess its overall value. Always insure your diamonds based on experts’ appraisals.


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