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The Dos and Don’ts of Jewelry Appraisal

jewelry appraisal

In the current economic climate, selling jewelry can provide instant cash to ease your financial woes. However, jewelry appraisal in New York is as difficult as it gets. With so many pawn and jewelry shops around the city, it becomes next to impossible to get a fair value of how much your precious metals are worth. You may end up selling your jewelry for far less than its actual worth. However, with the right mindset and some homework on your part, you can get the best value for your jewelry. Before you head down to the closest jewelry appraisal service or online jewelry appraisal, consider these few dos and don’ts to make sure you don’t end up earning less money than you should

DO – Check the Latest Rates

Precious stones and metals like diamonds, gems, and other jewelry material tend to increase in value overtime. However, you may end up selling your jewelry on a day when the market is down. Hence, it is advisable to check the latest market rates for your jewelry. If your jewelry has embedded diamonds on gold, then check the price of gold and diamond. Similarly, if your jewelry has gemstones with precious metals, determine their value as well. Expect a slightly lower value for your jewelry than the market price, but don’t sell it for over 10% lower!

DON’T – Sell To the First Jewelry Appraiser

This is the most common mistake that people make when getting their jewelry appraised. The fact is that every jewelry appraiser is looking to buy from you for less and sell it for more. Entering into a jewelry appraisal shop with this in mind will help you in avoiding the temptation to sell immediately.

DO – Check With At Least Three Jewelry Appraisers

Remember the three-rule! Visit at least three different jewelry appraisers to get a fair estimation of your jewelry’s worth. If you feel that you have the best quote from one based on the current market price, then go ahead and sell. But if you believe you are not getting fair rates then you can always visit another appraiser. The key is to be patient and good money will come along eventually!

DON’T – Sell In Bulk

Never make the mistake of selling your jewelry in bulk. This often leads to getting an under appreciated value of your jewelry. Different jewelry will have different age, cut, and karat value. By mixing your jewelry together, you are basically mixing high value jewelry with moderate value ones. And what’s the result? You end up getting a moderate value for your jewelry. Hence, make sure that you separate your jewelry and get them appraised accordingly. This will provide you with a better estimate of their worth.


A great way to get your jewelry appraised today is to look for online jewelry appraisers. AGI New York can provide you with the best value of your jewelry by using AGI instruments and other modern methods to determine their value. With our help, you can earn maximum cash on your jewelry!


Antique Jewelry Appraisal

antique jewelry appraisal

Are you wondering how much your grandmother’s antique diamond necklace is worth? It may be worth a lot more than you think. If you have antique jewelry, you realize how precious it is to you and your family. They are priceless assets, but in these difficult financial times, they can provide you with more than enough to ease your woes. Here at Accreditation Gemology Institute (AGI), we provide comprehensive antique jewelry appraisal that can provide you with best replacement cost in New York. This can allow you to establish an insurance replacement value on your jewelry.

Antique Jewelry Appraisal and Vintage Appraisal

While you may believe that antique and vintage jewelry are more or less the same thing and used interchangeably, there are differences that separate them from each other. For instance, antique jewelry is any jewelry that is 100 years or more in age. On the other hand, vintage jewelry is for items that are less than 100 years of age, but are not reminiscent to the current or recent styles and trends. For this reason, antique jewelry appraisal is employed to establish an estimated insurance replacement value, whereas antique jewelry may even be sold at the current market price.

Never Assume the Value

The most common mistake that people make with antique jewelry appraisal is assuming a value for it. For instance, let’s say that your great grandmother bought a diamond ring back in 1909 worth $500 at the time. Now obviously $500 for that necklace today is criminally under appreciating its value. But to assume that it would be less than the current market value of diamond necklaces can be negligent. Antique jewelry carries a lot more value based on the age, cut, and karat value. You may be entitled to a better replacement value than you actually think. Hence, before assuming the value, get your antique jewelry appraisal from one of antique jewelry appraisers near you. Go to at least three different antique jewelry appraisers to get a fair idea of how much the jewelry is worth. This will help you in getting the best replacement value and insurance for your piece of history.

Never In Bulk

Getting your antique jewelry appraised in bulk may lead to receiving a lower value of their worth. This is because different jewelry has different cut, karat value, and age. If you mix antique jewelry with vintage jewelry and get them appraised, then the chances of getting a lower replacement value are high. Hence, it is best to get your antique jewelry appraisal separately. Again, this will provide you with an accurate estimation of its worth.

Why Us?

When it comes to diamond, gem, and jewelry appraisal,diamond valuation AGI New York is your one stop solution. We incorporate the latest methods in jewelry appraisal with GIA Gemological instruments and high quality digital camera and photo light box. As a full time gemological service, we can provide you with antique appraisal, grading, identification, and insurance. With our services, you can rest assure that you are getting the best value for your historical jewelry in New York!


Liquidation Appraisal- Get To Know The Actual Worth Of Your Gems

liquidation appraisal

There are some very rare and preciously valuable gemstones in the ownership of a few individuals who only have a vague idea of their real worth and value in the market. Some individuals acquire some gems and pieces of jewelry, passed down to them as family heirlooms, about which they have next to no idea regarding their market worth on the basis of their historical importance and gem quality.

The real worth of gemstones and jewelry is accurately determined by experts who have the required knowledge, experience and expertise within the business and industry. With the knowledge of the real value of a gemstone or antique piece of jewelry, it becomes easy for the owner to have a clear understanding of the luxury they enjoy and the asset they possess.

Liquidation Appraisal

Liquidation gem appraisal is the method of trying to gauge the real value of a gem or precious stone, if the owner was to sell it in the current market. The companies which offer services for gem appraisals and accurate evaluation of the worth of the antique or vintage jewelry also offer the service of accurately estimating the probable cost at which a gemstone can be sold on the market at that point in time.

Liquidation appraisal is named so because it is for the assistance of those owners who want to sell and liquidate their precious gems as soon as possible in the market. These appraisal services help such individuals to realize and understand the accurate worth of their precious gemstones, before putting them on the market for sale, so that they are not hoodwinked or swindled into settling for a price much less than the real worth of the stones.

An Important Service

The liquidation gem appraisal service is vital for those individuals who might have an urgent need to liquidate their gemstones in order to generate ready capital. As is usual while meeting emergency needs, people either have to sell their prized possessions at a price much less than their true worth, or are conned to settle for a smaller amount than is their rightful claim.

Liquidation gem appraisal service providing companies serve as expert guides in times of urgent need of individuals who are at their wits end to know the real worth and current value of their valuable in the market.

There might be a difference in the original price of the gem at which it was bought, and the cash price which it would fetch if it were to be sold immediately on the market. The liquidation appraisal experts understand this difference and estimate the value keeping all related factors in consideration.

Therefore, if you intend to sell a precious gem in the market and have an emergent need for ready cash, then you should avail the professional expertise of a liquidation appraisal service provider company.  They can offer you the guidance and expert support you need to make an informed decision, and ensure a sale in which you don’t suffer any significant loss due to a wrong estimate of the gem put up for sale.


What Happens in a Ring Appraisal?

diamond ring appraisal

Choosing an engagement ring is always exciting, but before you spend your hard-earned money on the ring, you need to make sure you have a ring appraisal. While the ring might look great to you, unless you are a jewelry expert, you might not know if you are overpaying for the piece or not. You might not even be able to tell if the metal and the gem are real. Instead of buying an overpriced ring without real value, you should make sure that you do the right thing and get a ring appraisal. You will have peace of mind when you do.




Why is Ring Appraisal Important?


When you buy a large diamond – one that is greater than one carat – you should receive a diamond grading report. However, this is not an actual ring appraisal. The ring appraisal will be able to back up and verify that the report was accurate though. Having an appraisal will give you an actual value for your ring, and you will need that value if you plan to insure the ring, which you should.

The diamond ring appraisal will also include specific information about your particular ring, which could prove helpful in the event of a theft. If someone steals your ring and the authorities find a ring at a pawnshop or on a suspect, they can compare the information on the appraisal about your ring to help identify it.


Find Appraisers You Can Trust


Since you are dealing with a valuable item, it is vital that you only entrust it to those you can trust and those who can verify their skills. You should only trust the best appraisers to evaluate your ring. Always check the credentials of the company doing the appraising and make sure they have not had any issues with customers in the past. They should have great customer service and a knowledgeable, professional staff that can let you know more about the process of appraisal.

Ask how much experience the company has had in appraisals and what type of formal training they’ve had. You should also ask if you could watch the appraisal. While the vast majority of appraisers are entirely trustworthy, you do not want to find yourself doing business with a shady company that could switch gems on you. It does not happen very often at all, but it is a risk you do not want to take. Finally, ask the appraisers about the cost of their service.