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Top 5 Retailers of Jewelry Sales in US

Are you looking for something good to wear this Christmas? Or your beloved’s birthday is nearby and you have not yet decided on what to present her? Well, how about a nice delicate ring? Or a sparkling necklace with emeralds on it?

There is not a single woman on earth who does not like jewelry, which makes it the safest thing to present. By safest we mean you should be aware of your girl’s taste in jewelry and this is all you need to get her the best present.

Well, talking about jewelry, there are several jewelry retailers in the U.S. As a matter of fact, this industry is quite on the roll. The U.S. jewelry industry for retail has experienced a considerable growth in sales from the previous year. While there are a lot of jewelry retailers that are part of this growth, the major contribution is made by these five. They hold a large pie in the jewelry industry market share.

Now this piece of information gives you a headstart in your jewelry shopping expedition. Whether you are buying it for yourself or to gift someone, why not look at these places. The fact that they hold the top five positions in the U.S. jewelry retail industry implies they must have something unique to offer.


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Appraising Vintage Jewelry

Appraising Vintage Jewelry

When someone is buying new jewelry, she will often want to have an appraisal done, as it can give her a value for the jewelry, which she can then use when she is buying insurance. Getting an appraisal before buying can also ensure they are not overspending on the items before they buy. However, in some cases, people might not be buying new jewelry at all. She might want to buy older vintage and antique jewelry instead. This can sometimes be more difficult to have antique jewelry appraisal simply because finding someone who knows about the older jewelry and Appraising Vintage Jewelry .

 Starting the Journey on Your Own: Appraising Vintage Jewelry

When trying to find the value of the jewelry you buy, you might have to begin on your own. Look over the jewelry and look for marks on it. Look at the scratches and imperfections and make note of them, but also look for any marks that might identify the jewelry maker. It could be a full name or a simple mark. Make note of that as well. Take photos of the jewelry from various angles as well, and make sure you have some close up, clear shots of the pieces.

 Finding an Expert

Once you have the photos and as much information about the jewelry as you could find, you can begin looking for an expert. Look for names of appraisers in your area, as well as online appraisers. Research the companies and make sure that they have a good reputation and that they are actually experts in the field. For those who are in your area, you can contact them and set up an appointment. Ask them if they want you to send over digital copies of the photos so they can see the piece.

You do not have to work only with those in your area though. Since you have the digital photos of the jewelry, you can find some experts who can look at the photos and who can give you an appraisal.

 Two or More Appraisers

When you are having older jewelry appraised, you might want to have two or more appraisers look it over, just so you can get a good and honest assessment. The values should be close, but each expert may have a slightly different opinion. Having at least two appraisals should give you a better idea of the actual value, which can be helpful if you hope to sell the piece.

Diamond Insurance: Do You Need It?

diamon insurance

Everyone who owns a home has a homeowner’s insurance policy, and many people who rent property will have renter’s insurance. These policies are a means to protect them from loss in the event of theft or some type of disaster. While it is always a good idea to have these policies, they may not be enough to protect all of the valuables that you have, especially if you have some rather expensive diamonds. Owning diamonds can be a great investment, but you need to make sure you are able to protect that investment. Diamond insurance could be just what you need.


Different Types of Policies for Diamond Owners


Diamond insurance is generally a separate policy from the others that you have for your possessions, and it is specific just to your diamonds. However, it is also possible to have it added to your homeowner’s insurance. You can choose from replacement value policies, agreed value policies, and actual cash value policies. It is important to understand the distinction between them.


When you choose a replacement value policy, the insurance company will pay you a predetermined and agreed upon amount if something were to happen to your diamond. An actual cash value policy will pay out the current market value of the diamond. The agreed value policies pay an amount agreed upon by you and the diamond insurance companies after the theft. This is rarer than the other types of policy.


Finding the Right Company for Diamond Insurance


When choosing a company for an added insurance policy for your diamonds, always make sure they specialize in these sorts of policies. Research the insurer to be sure they are legitimate and that they have good customer service. The last thing you need to do is have a long and drawn out ordeal when you are trying to replace your diamonds after a theft.


You Need Insurance for Your Diamonds


Your diamonds often have sentimental value attached to them as well as financial value. While the diamond insurance policies are not able to replace the actual gems and rings that you might lose, and they can’t replace the sentimental value, they can at lease help you with the financial loss. Having these policies in place and never needing them is far better than being caught unawares. If you own diamond jewelry, it really is in your best interest to start exploring the options available for diamond insurance.