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The Need For The Services Of Certified Appraiser

Before making an investment in or thinking of buying a valuable piece of jewelry, gem or stone of great value, it is of paramount importance to ascertain that the precious item one wishes to acquire is indeed of the actual worth attributed to it. And this is where a certified appraiser come into the picture.

What Is a Certified Appraisal?

A certified appraisal is an expert service which is for the express purpose of establishing the real worth and value of a valuable piece of jewelry or gem. There are professional labs which ensure their service assistance to insurance companies and other individuals, to calculate the true price of a seemingly precious jewel or ornament, which safeguards their interests and any loss because of a possible scam.

It is very hard for amateurs and inexperienced individuals to establish the authenticity of a piece of jewelry or a gemstone, but certified appraisal services offered by experts ensures a thorough assessment and evaluation of the precious trinket or ornament, establishing its real worth in the market.

Benefits Of The Certified Appraisal Service

Availing the services of expert appraisers ensures a number of benefits which can prove to be of great value to an investor thinking of purchasing valuable diamonds or spending on other valuable gems.

With a certified appraisal, the buyer enjoys ease of mind, because any uncertainty or doubt troubling them about the prudence of their investment is removed. As certification about the true value of a gem is provided by a neutral laboratory, it carries great weightage and is evidence of the true worth of a valuable.

The certification provided by the appraisers assesses the size, carat and color of the gem, establishing its worth which proves of significant value in establishing its sale price in the market.

The certification is also a very important document and assessment evidence for insurance companies, who design the coverage policy for a valuable, based on the resale value of the gem or piece of jewelry on the market.

While appraisal ensures the accurate assessment of the value of the diamond or gemstone in the market for insurance purposes, the certification ensures and accredits the characteristic features of a precious gemstone, leaving no ambiguity in the process.

Some recognized diamond and jewelry appraisal firms offering services in the industry, ensure a large portfolio of different related services, which prove to be of significant assistance to insurance companies, collectors, connoisseurs and gem lovers.

There is liquidation appraisal, quality appraisal and antique jewelry appraisal to name a few, which help ascertain the price and quality of a piece of jewelry or gemstone, for safe investment. Most laboratories ensure a damage report as well, which contains a complete detail of the value of the precious item along with the level of damage sustained by it, which proves very useful especially in the appraisal of an antique piece of jewelry or family heirloom.

By availing the services of expert neutral third parties in the field, one can easily ensure whether they are making the right choice in making an investment or not.





Diamond Insurance: Do You Need It?

diamon insurance

Everyone who owns a home has a homeowner’s insurance policy, and many people who rent property will have renter’s insurance. These policies are a means to protect them from loss in the event of theft or some type of disaster. While it is always a good idea to have these policies, they may not be enough to protect all of the valuables that you have, especially if you have some rather expensive diamonds. Owning diamonds can be a great investment, but you need to make sure you are able to protect that investment. Diamond insurance could be just what you need.


Different Types of Policies for Diamond Owners


Diamond insurance is generally a separate policy from the others that you have for your possessions, and it is specific just to your diamonds. However, it is also possible to have it added to your homeowner’s insurance. You can choose from replacement value policies, agreed value policies, and actual cash value policies. It is important to understand the distinction between them.


When you choose a replacement value policy, the insurance company will pay you a predetermined and agreed upon amount if something were to happen to your diamond. An actual cash value policy will pay out the current market value of the diamond. The agreed value policies pay an amount agreed upon by you and the diamond insurance companies after the theft. This is rarer than the other types of policy.


Finding the Right Company for Diamond Insurance


When choosing a company for an added insurance policy for your diamonds, always make sure they specialize in these sorts of policies. Research the insurer to be sure they are legitimate and that they have good customer service. The last thing you need to do is have a long and drawn out ordeal when you are trying to replace your diamonds after a theft.


You Need Insurance for Your Diamonds


Your diamonds often have sentimental value attached to them as well as financial value. While the diamond insurance policies are not able to replace the actual gems and rings that you might lose, and they can’t replace the sentimental value, they can at lease help you with the financial loss. Having these policies in place and never needing them is far better than being caught unawares. If you own diamond jewelry, it really is in your best interest to start exploring the options available for diamond insurance.