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Finding Best Gold Dealers to Sell Your Gold

gold dealers

Once you decide to sell gold which is either broken or unwanted, the first thing you have to do is find the best gold dealer. The best gold dealers are the ones who are willing to pay you according to the market price of the gold. Here are a few tips to find the right dealer to sell your gold:


Be Careful About Sharing You Info

  • The best gold dealers will never ask for your personal information when you sell gold.
  • It is important that you stay alert about what type of information the dealer is asking.
  • If a gold dealer asks you about your credit card number or social security number then it is most probably a scam.

Determine The Gold Value

  • Nowadays, there are significantly more buyers in the market, both local and online.
  • Determine the value of the gold you are selling.
  • Go with the buyer who offers to buy your gold as per the current gold price.

Faster Turnaround

  • You must determine how the gold dealer is going to handle your gold.
  • A good dealer will handle your gold in a proper manner and will let you know about the entire procedure.
  • The best gold dealers are the ones who upon receiving the gold from you, process the order immediately within 24 hours.

Ask For Their License

  • It is very important that you ask the gold dealer for their license. This will indicate that the dealer is authentic and safe.
  • Gold dealers having a license from groups like Jewelers Vigilance Committee, American Numismatic Association or other such groups, are generally deemed safe to deal with.
  • Another thing to look out for is whether they are accredited members of any local gold bureau.

Check For Any Complaints Made Against Them

  • When you have selected a gold dealer to sell your gold to, the one thing you must also check before finalizing the deal is whether they have any complaints made against them in the past.
  • Check with your local gold bureau through which you can determine the authenticity of the gold dealer.
  • You can also find out if any customer/seller has made any complaints against them.

Have a Look at Your Gold Dealer’s Website

  • One more way to get further information about the gold dealer is going through their website.
  • An authentic website usually explains the entire process and methods they use to buy and sell gold.
  • It shows the proper address and contact number of the company so that you can be sure it has a valid office and it is not a scam.
  • They post prices of different types of gold and the current rates of the market.
  • Furthermore, they also offer their customers some kind of guarantee.


These guidelines will assist you in making the gold dealer selection easily. You will be able to find a dealer who will provide you with best possible service and price you can imagine. Selling your gold can be a good experience if you have conducted proper research about the industry, your gold, and gold dealers. For more info you visit Best NYC Buyers.

5 Most Famous Engagement Rings

Are you an antique inspirer?

Do you like to explore or buy antique and expensive jewelry?

Are you a jewelry fanatic?

Are you a ring collector?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have definitely landed on the right page. This info-graphic introduces you to the five most popular engagement rings in the world. Now this is something of real interest! You must have heard about Kim Kardashian; who hasn’t! Did you know her engagement ring is worth £5.1 million? This may hold you in shock for a while, but yes this is true! And this is just one example of the awestruck facts on this page.

After wedding bands, engagement rings are perhaps the most cherished piece of jewelry that a woman gets in her entire life. And with an engagement ring being that popular, it becomes the most precious item too. Here, have a look at these five lucky ladies and their priceless famous engagement rings. What is more amazing is the fact that not all these ladies belong to the royal gentry. Some are celebrities too, who once belonged to the general public category.

The facts presented here may put you in a trance for while, but it may also give you a beautiful fantasy to relish.

5 most famous engagement rings

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How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

how to clean diamond jewelry

Diamond is the hardest substance found on earth and it also has the tendency to attract grime and dirt. Whether your diamond jewelry is brand new or old, you will want to keep it sparkling for many more years to come. With continuous usage of diamond jewelry, the gems will start losing its shine. This especially happens in the case of diamond rings. Products like lotions and creams along with other grime can create a thick layer of dirt on your precious jewelry which blocks the light and as a result the diamonds becomes lifeless and dull.


You must know How to Clean a Diamond? and How to Clean Diamond Jewelry? The good news is, with a few cleaning tips; you can make your diamond sparkle as good as new.


Ways to Clean Diamonds

Diamonds lose their brilliance with everyday dust and with the usage of soaps, powders, lotions and creams. Additionally, the chemicals present in the air result in the discoloration and oxidization of the diamond’s mountings. Here are a few ways to clean your diamonds and retain the beauty and sparkle of your precious jewelry:


1.     Detergent Bath

In a bowl filled with water, add a mild liquid detergent (without chlorine). Mix it till warm foams are formed. Use a soft brush to clean your diamonds till some lather is created around them. Wash off with warm water. Afterwards, place your jewelry on a soft towel and pat it dry.


2.     Soak in Cold Water

In a bowl, make a mixture consisting of 1 part mild liquid detergent (without chlorine) and 4 parts cold water. Place your diamond jewelry in the bowl and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Take the jewelry out of the water and using a soft brush, tap all the mounting sides. Rinse the jewelry in the same solution and pat dry with a towel.


3.     Quick-Dip Technique

Use a branded jewelry cleaner liquid to clean your diamonds. Make sure it is suitable for the types of metals and gems used in your jewelry. Dip your items in the liquid and take them out immediately. Brush the gems and the mountings with a soft brush and pat dry with a towel.


4.     Ultrasonic Technique

There are several jewelry cleaning machines available in the market today. You will be able to clean your jewelry with this machine in just a few minutes. Majority of these machines include a metal cup for filling with detergent and water. They ensure that your jewelry comes out as good as new.


Few Tips

  •  Protect your jewelry from harmful chemicals. You always protect your hands from any kind of chemicals, so why not your precious jewelry too? The chemicals can take the shine and brilliance away from your diamonds.
  • When you are doing your daily housework tasks or gardening or any other rough activity, make sure you remove any diamond jewelry you are wearing.
  • Protect your diamonds from exposure to chlorine or bleach.
  • Never clean the diamonds with your fingers as the oils in your skin will leave residue on your gemstones.
  • If you have doubts about cleaning your diamonds yourself, ask your jeweler to clean them for you. Majority of them clean the jewelry without charging anything.

Certified Gemologists- Experts Ensuring Quality In The Industry


Whenever one wants to make sure that they are making the right choice regarding any major decision in life, then it is important to seek the assistance of relevant experts in the field. Their years of experience, skill and expertise in the field are sure to prove highly beneficial in helping an individual make the perfect decision. Therefore, when it comes to making the ideal purchase decision concerning diamonds and other precious gems, then it is evident that the assistance of an industry professional is inevitable, thus stressing the importance of trained gemologists.

Gemologists- Know The Worth Of Your Gems

Just as everything that glitters is not gold, likewise all stones that shine and sparkle are not real diamonds or precious gemstones. With scams and frauds a usual trend in the market, the need to safeguard one’s investment and ensure a lucrative return is vital, which is possible by availing the professional services of a certified gemologist.

Gemologists are certified and trained individuals, who have an acute knowledge about the precious stones available in the market, their worth and value, cut, size and important characteristics. For amateurs with almost no knowledge and expertise of the gems, gemologists serve as the guiding star and highlight the important qualities of a gemstone while also outlining their apparent shortcomings.

Gemologists, being industry experts, know the real worth and value of a gemstone, and provide assurance to connoisseurs and collectors that they are making the right choice in deciding on a purchase.

Investors are sure of making an investment which would not backfire or result in catastrophic circumstances for them, as their purchase is approved to be authentic and worth its price in the market by a certified gemologist.

Certified Gemologists And Gem Appraisals

Gemologists, who are certified professionals within the industry, provide gem and jewelry appraisal services within the sector, which prove to be of great value to insurance companies seeking expert assistance to determine the real price of a precious item in the market.

Gemologists provide services in special laboratories which are fully equipped to facilitate them to carry out various tests and assessment procedures, to accurately determine the quality and worth of a gemstone or ornament.

Certified gemologists assess, evaluate and pronounce their judgment about the size, cut, color and clarity of a diamond, to establish its subsequent worth and price in the market. Most also provide certifications with the gems, which serve as evidence of the quality characteristics of the stones for aspiring buyers and sellers in the sector.

Along with diamond appraisals, gemologists also provide vintage and antique jewelry appraisals, calculating and evaluating the real worth of the family heirlooms and old pieces of precious jewelry ornaments. The damage report provided by these gem and jewelry experts ensures a detailed account of the possible value of a valuable trinket or old ornament after having sustained years of damage.

Liquidation appraisal is another service provided by them, in which an owner of the gems gets to know the actual liquidation value of their stones if they were to sell them on the market there and then. The services of certified and experienced gemologists ensure a scam free buying and selling of precious gemstones on the market, which ensures a risk and worry free investment in valuable stones.