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Liquidation Appraisal- Get To Know The Actual Worth Of Your Gems

liquidation appraisal

There are some very rare and preciously valuable gemstones in the ownership of a few individuals who only have a vague idea of their real worth and value in the market. Some individuals acquire some gems and pieces of jewelry, passed down to them as family heirlooms, about which they have next to no idea regarding their market worth on the basis of their historical importance and gem quality.

The real worth of gemstones and jewelry is accurately determined by experts who have the required knowledge, experience and expertise within the business and industry. With the knowledge of the real value of a gemstone or antique piece of jewelry, it becomes easy for the owner to have a clear understanding of the luxury they enjoy and the asset they possess.

Liquidation Appraisal

Liquidation gem appraisal is the method of trying to gauge the real value of a gem or precious stone, if the owner was to sell it in the current market. The companies which offer services for gem appraisals and accurate evaluation of the worth of the antique or vintage jewelry also offer the service of accurately estimating the probable cost at which a gemstone can be sold on the market at that point in time.

Liquidation appraisal is named so because it is for the assistance of those owners who want to sell and liquidate their precious gems as soon as possible in the market. These appraisal services help such individuals to realize and understand the accurate worth of their precious gemstones, before putting them on the market for sale, so that they are not hoodwinked or swindled into settling for a price much less than the real worth of the stones.

An Important Service

The liquidation gem appraisal service is vital for those individuals who might have an urgent need to liquidate their gemstones in order to generate ready capital. As is usual while meeting emergency needs, people either have to sell their prized possessions at a price much less than their true worth, or are conned to settle for a smaller amount than is their rightful claim.

Liquidation gem appraisal service providing companies serve as expert guides in times of urgent need of individuals who are at their wits end to know the real worth and current value of their valuable in the market.

There might be a difference in the original price of the gem at which it was bought, and the cash price which it would fetch if it were to be sold immediately on the market. The liquidation appraisal experts understand this difference and estimate the value keeping all related factors in consideration.

Therefore, if you intend to sell a precious gem in the market and have an emergent need for ready cash, then you should avail the professional expertise of a liquidation appraisal service provider company.  They can offer you the guidance and expert support you need to make an informed decision, and ensure a sale in which you don’t suffer any significant loss due to a wrong estimate of the gem put up for sale.


The Spectrum of Colorful Diamonds

colorful diamonds

Did you know that diamonds aren’t limited to just the colorless variety? While the colorless diamond is the most common, the jewelry market has seen a marked increase in colorful diamonds. Colored gem stones allow you to give your jewelry an added flair. Since each color represents a different mood, you can pick and choose your daily jewelry selections according to the way you feel that morning. Since diamonds represent luxury and opulence, with the emergence of colors of diamonds it has become easier for the upper crust to customize their jewelry without having to settle for one of the lesser known stones on the market.

Rarity of Color Diamonds

Colored diamonds are incredibly rare. They actually only tend to appear once out of every 10,000 diamonds mined. This rarity is what lends the colored diamond its desirability and hefty price tag.

One of the most sought after colored diamonds is the blue diamond. Recently, a 29.6 carat blue diamond was found in the Cullinan mine near Pretoria in South Africa. Some of the larger blue diamonds have actually sold at a price of over $1 million a carat. Out of the 1 in every 10,000 diamonds that yield a colored diamond, blue diamonds are only found in only a fraction of those.

The rarest of all colorful diamonds, though, is the red diamond. There are probably only 20 red diamonds in all of existence. In this case, if you have your heart set on a red stone, you may want to stick with rubies or garnets. Depending on how deep your pockets go, red diamonds may be out of your price range.

Available Colors

There are several different colors available when picking out your diamond, although you might be surprised to learn what actually causes each one.

Nitrogen is one of the most common elements found in diamonds and has the ability to turn them yellow and brown. Brown diamonds have seen a sudden boost in popularity thanks to them being marketed as chocolate diamonds. Blue diamonds are created when boron is introduced to the gems while green diamonds are created by irradiation by alpha particles. Plastic deformation is also responsible for turning diamonds brown, pink, and red. The popular black diamond isn’t actually black. Instead it is just full of dark inclusions that give it the appearance of being black.

The truth is, even though colorful diamonds are incredibly expensive because of their rarity, the reason they have their colors is due to impurities and defects. This is probably the only time a defect will actually make you pay more for an item rather than less. No matter how they got that way, fancy color diamonds are a unique way to add a pop of color to your fine jewelry without having to sacrifice quality. Just be sure to have their quality verified before committing to a purchase. You wouldn’t want to spend tens of thousands on a stone only to find out later that it was one of the lesser quality gems instead.