diamond ring appraisal

Choosing an engagement ring is always exciting, but before you spend your hard-earned money on the ring, you need to make sure you have a ring appraisal. While the ring might look great to you, unless you are a jewelry expert, you might not know if you are overpaying for the piece or not. You might not even be able to tell if the metal and the gem are real. Instead of buying an overpriced ring without real value, you should make sure that you do the right thing and get a ring appraisal. You will have peace of mind when you do.




Why is Ring Appraisal Important?


When you buy a large diamond – one that is greater than one carat – you should receive a diamond grading report. However, this is not an actual ring appraisal. The ring appraisal will be able to back up and verify that the report was accurate though. Having an appraisal will give you an actual value for your ring, and you will need that value if you plan to insure the ring, which you should.

The diamond ring appraisal will also include specific information about your particular ring, which could prove helpful in the event of a theft. If someone steals your ring and the authorities find a ring at a pawnshop or on a suspect, they can compare the information on the appraisal about your ring to help identify it.


Find Appraisers You Can Trust


Since you are dealing with a valuable item, it is vital that you only entrust it to those you can trust and those who can verify their skills. You should only trust the best appraisers to evaluate your ring. Always check the credentials of the company doing the appraising and make sure they have not had any issues with customers in the past. They should have great customer service and a knowledgeable, professional staff that can let you know more about the process of appraisal.

Ask how much experience the company has had in appraisals and what type of formal training they’ve had. You should also ask if you could watch the appraisal. While the vast majority of appraisers are entirely trustworthy, you do not want to find yourself doing business with a shady company that could switch gems on you. It does not happen very often at all, but it is a risk you do not want to take. Finally, ask the appraisers about the cost of their service.