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How to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring

antique diamond ring

carats (0 mg) round diamond engagement ring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Selling an antique diamond ring, probably belonging to your grandma, could be frightening. There is a certain level of skepticism involved regarding whether you will be able to crack a fair deal or not. In order to get a reasonable price, you must set the price according to the ring’s craft and the diamond’s worth. This sounds easy, but in reality, it can be a troublesome task.

Read on to know how you can sell a vintage diamond ring at a fair price:

Get the Ring Appraised

Before setting a price, it is advisable to get the ring appraised, preferably from a jeweler. Make sure the jeweler is not interested in buying that antique diamond ring because his advice could influence you and the price of the ring. Try to obtain an unbiased appraisal relating to the antique diamond ring’s cut & uniqueness, condition, and to what extent it meets the antique ‘style’ quotient.

Acquire a Certification

If possible, try to get hold of a certificate from a genuine gemologist. This will permit you to set a higher price for the ring and attract more genuine buyers willing to pay that price.

Find Buyers Exclusively

At first, try to place an ad in a newspaper or a jewelry publication at a price you think is appropriate. Estimate the response of the market and how many buyers you are able to attract at this price. The reaction will help decide whether you scroll the price up or down.

Jewelry Store

It is a good idea to sell your ring at a store that sells antique jewelry. Since you now know the worth of your antique diamond ring, there are high chances that you will get a satisfying price from the buyer. If you feel the price being paid is unmatched to the ring’s worth, you can go elsewhere.

Online Selling

Consider selling your antique diamond ring at an online platform. This will not only permit you to place the lowest possible price that you want for the ring, but there high chances that people may end up biding higher (in case you attract more buyers). It will be plus point if you attach the appraisal and any certification obtained to substantiate your antique diamond ring.

How to Clean Black Diamonds

Français : Black diamond, animation vidéo 3D

Français : Black diamond, animation vidéo 3D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black diamonds are real diamonds that are simply black in color. Unlike colorless diamonds, they are opaque and shine-less. Black diamond contains traces of graphite, hematite and magnetite elements, which makes them look black. Unlike colorless diamonds, the 4Cs of assessing diamond quality: Color, cut, clarity and carat do not apply to black diamonds.

Black diamonds are highly sought after by people who are fond of rare stones. Considering the value and demand of these diamonds, it is very important to keep them clean. Follow the steps mentioned below to keep your black diamond clean:

Cleaning the Black Diamond

Make use of the following things:

  • A flat dish,
  • A toothbrush with soft spikes,
  • Ammonia and
  • A soft cloth.


  1. Soak the black diamond in hot water for 10-15 minutes so that any layer of oil or dirt loses its grip,
  2. Add thinned ammonia to 1/4th part of plain water; you can also buy a colored diamond cleaning solution that is available at many jewelry stores,
  3. Pour this solution in a flat dish pan and put the black diamond in it for nearly an hour. For best results, make sure that the black stone is completely drowned into the solution,
  4. After an hour, take out the diamond and clean it with the soft-spiked toothbrush. Clean all the sides of the stone to remove the dirt completely,
  5. Wash the diamond with pressured hot water to get rid of the remaining solution film on it,
  6. Buff up the stone using a soft cloth. Use a plain cloth to avoid getting any scratches on the black diamond.

The result will be a clean and dirt-less black diamond! If you are reluctant to clean it on your own, you can take it to a jewelry store and get it cleaned by an experienced individual before your eyes.

It is a good idea to keep your black diamond at a safe place, separate from other jewelry. This is because the contact of other jewelry pieces may damage the diamond, leaving scratches. You must take off your luxurious black diamond ring before getting into dirty household tasks; this will not only keep your diamonds clean but also long-lasting.

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The Need For The Services Of Certified Appraiser

Before making an investment in or thinking of buying a valuable piece of jewelry, gem or stone of great value, it is of paramount importance to ascertain that the precious item one wishes to acquire is indeed of the actual worth attributed to it. And this is where a certified appraiser come into the picture.

What Is a Certified Appraisal?

A certified appraisal is an expert service which is for the express purpose of establishing the real worth and value of a valuable piece of jewelry or gem. There are professional labs which ensure their service assistance to insurance companies and other individuals, to calculate the true price of a seemingly precious jewel or ornament, which safeguards their interests and any loss because of a possible scam.

It is very hard for amateurs and inexperienced individuals to establish the authenticity of a piece of jewelry or a gemstone, but certified appraisal services offered by experts ensures a thorough assessment and evaluation of the precious trinket or ornament, establishing its real worth in the market.

Benefits Of The Certified Appraisal Service

Availing the services of expert appraisers ensures a number of benefits which can prove to be of great value to an investor thinking of purchasing valuable diamonds or spending on other valuable gems.

With a certified appraisal, the buyer enjoys ease of mind, because any uncertainty or doubt troubling them about the prudence of their investment is removed. As certification about the true value of a gem is provided by a neutral laboratory, it carries great weightage and is evidence of the true worth of a valuable.

The certification provided by the appraisers assesses the size, carat and color of the gem, establishing its worth which proves of significant value in establishing its sale price in the market.

The certification is also a very important document and assessment evidence for insurance companies, who design the coverage policy for a valuable, based on the resale value of the gem or piece of jewelry on the market.

While appraisal ensures the accurate assessment of the value of the diamond or gemstone in the market for insurance purposes, the certification ensures and accredits the characteristic features of a precious gemstone, leaving no ambiguity in the process.

Some recognized diamond and jewelry appraisal firms offering services in the industry, ensure a large portfolio of different related services, which prove to be of significant assistance to insurance companies, collectors, connoisseurs and gem lovers.

There is liquidation appraisal, quality appraisal and antique jewelry appraisal to name a few, which help ascertain the price and quality of a piece of jewelry or gemstone, for safe investment. Most laboratories ensure a damage report as well, which contains a complete detail of the value of the precious item along with the level of damage sustained by it, which proves very useful especially in the appraisal of an antique piece of jewelry or family heirloom.

By availing the services of expert neutral third parties in the field, one can easily ensure whether they are making the right choice in making an investment or not.





How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

how to clean diamond jewelry

Diamond is the hardest substance found on earth and it also has the tendency to attract grime and dirt. Whether your diamond jewelry is brand new or old, you will want to keep it sparkling for many more years to come. With continuous usage of diamond jewelry, the gems will start losing its shine. This especially happens in the case of diamond rings. Products like lotions and creams along with other grime can create a thick layer of dirt on your precious jewelry which blocks the light and as a result the diamonds becomes lifeless and dull.


You must know How to Clean a Diamond? and How to Clean Diamond Jewelry? The good news is, with a few cleaning tips; you can make your diamond sparkle as good as new.


Ways to Clean Diamonds

Diamonds lose their brilliance with everyday dust and with the usage of soaps, powders, lotions and creams. Additionally, the chemicals present in the air result in the discoloration and oxidization of the diamond’s mountings. Here are a few ways to clean your diamonds and retain the beauty and sparkle of your precious jewelry:


1.     Detergent Bath

In a bowl filled with water, add a mild liquid detergent (without chlorine). Mix it till warm foams are formed. Use a soft brush to clean your diamonds till some lather is created around them. Wash off with warm water. Afterwards, place your jewelry on a soft towel and pat it dry.


2.     Soak in Cold Water

In a bowl, make a mixture consisting of 1 part mild liquid detergent (without chlorine) and 4 parts cold water. Place your diamond jewelry in the bowl and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Take the jewelry out of the water and using a soft brush, tap all the mounting sides. Rinse the jewelry in the same solution and pat dry with a towel.


3.     Quick-Dip Technique

Use a branded jewelry cleaner liquid to clean your diamonds. Make sure it is suitable for the types of metals and gems used in your jewelry. Dip your items in the liquid and take them out immediately. Brush the gems and the mountings with a soft brush and pat dry with a towel.


4.     Ultrasonic Technique

There are several jewelry cleaning machines available in the market today. You will be able to clean your jewelry with this machine in just a few minutes. Majority of these machines include a metal cup for filling with detergent and water. They ensure that your jewelry comes out as good as new.


Few Tips

  •  Protect your jewelry from harmful chemicals. You always protect your hands from any kind of chemicals, so why not your precious jewelry too? The chemicals can take the shine and brilliance away from your diamonds.
  • When you are doing your daily housework tasks or gardening or any other rough activity, make sure you remove any diamond jewelry you are wearing.
  • Protect your diamonds from exposure to chlorine or bleach.
  • Never clean the diamonds with your fingers as the oils in your skin will leave residue on your gemstones.
  • If you have doubts about cleaning your diamonds yourself, ask your jeweler to clean them for you. Majority of them clean the jewelry without charging anything.

Certified Gemologists- Experts Ensuring Quality In The Industry


Whenever one wants to make sure that they are making the right choice regarding any major decision in life, then it is important to seek the assistance of relevant experts in the field. Their years of experience, skill and expertise in the field are sure to prove highly beneficial in helping an individual make the perfect decision. Therefore, when it comes to making the ideal purchase decision concerning diamonds and other precious gems, then it is evident that the assistance of an industry professional is inevitable, thus stressing the importance of trained gemologists.

Gemologists- Know The Worth Of Your Gems

Just as everything that glitters is not gold, likewise all stones that shine and sparkle are not real diamonds or precious gemstones. With scams and frauds a usual trend in the market, the need to safeguard one’s investment and ensure a lucrative return is vital, which is possible by availing the professional services of a certified gemologist.

Gemologists are certified and trained individuals, who have an acute knowledge about the precious stones available in the market, their worth and value, cut, size and important characteristics. For amateurs with almost no knowledge and expertise of the gems, gemologists serve as the guiding star and highlight the important qualities of a gemstone while also outlining their apparent shortcomings.

Gemologists, being industry experts, know the real worth and value of a gemstone, and provide assurance to connoisseurs and collectors that they are making the right choice in deciding on a purchase.

Investors are sure of making an investment which would not backfire or result in catastrophic circumstances for them, as their purchase is approved to be authentic and worth its price in the market by a certified gemologist.

Certified Gemologists And Gem Appraisals

Gemologists, who are certified professionals within the industry, provide gem and jewelry appraisal services within the sector, which prove to be of great value to insurance companies seeking expert assistance to determine the real price of a precious item in the market.

Gemologists provide services in special laboratories which are fully equipped to facilitate them to carry out various tests and assessment procedures, to accurately determine the quality and worth of a gemstone or ornament.

Certified gemologists assess, evaluate and pronounce their judgment about the size, cut, color and clarity of a diamond, to establish its subsequent worth and price in the market. Most also provide certifications with the gems, which serve as evidence of the quality characteristics of the stones for aspiring buyers and sellers in the sector.

Along with diamond appraisals, gemologists also provide vintage and antique jewelry appraisals, calculating and evaluating the real worth of the family heirlooms and old pieces of precious jewelry ornaments. The damage report provided by these gem and jewelry experts ensures a detailed account of the possible value of a valuable trinket or old ornament after having sustained years of damage.

Liquidation appraisal is another service provided by them, in which an owner of the gems gets to know the actual liquidation value of their stones if they were to sell them on the market there and then. The services of certified and experienced gemologists ensure a scam free buying and selling of precious gemstones on the market, which ensures a risk and worry free investment in valuable stones.

The Dos and Don’ts of Jewelry Appraisal

jewelry appraisal

In the current economic climate, selling jewelry can provide instant cash to ease your financial woes. However, jewelry appraisal in New York is as difficult as it gets. With so many pawn and jewelry shops around the city, it becomes next to impossible to get a fair value of how much your precious metals are worth. You may end up selling your jewelry for far less than its actual worth. However, with the right mindset and some homework on your part, you can get the best value for your jewelry. Before you head down to the closest jewelry appraisal service or online jewelry appraisal, consider these few dos and don’ts to make sure you don’t end up earning less money than you should

DO – Check the Latest Rates

Precious stones and metals like diamonds, gems, and other jewelry material tend to increase in value overtime. However, you may end up selling your jewelry on a day when the market is down. Hence, it is advisable to check the latest market rates for your jewelry. If your jewelry has embedded diamonds on gold, then check the price of gold and diamond. Similarly, if your jewelry has gemstones with precious metals, determine their value as well. Expect a slightly lower value for your jewelry than the market price, but don’t sell it for over 10% lower!

DON’T – Sell To the First Jewelry Appraiser

This is the most common mistake that people make when getting their jewelry appraised. The fact is that every jewelry appraiser is looking to buy from you for less and sell it for more. Entering into a jewelry appraisal shop with this in mind will help you in avoiding the temptation to sell immediately.

DO – Check With At Least Three Jewelry Appraisers

Remember the three-rule! Visit at least three different jewelry appraisers to get a fair estimation of your jewelry’s worth. If you feel that you have the best quote from one based on the current market price, then go ahead and sell. But if you believe you are not getting fair rates then you can always visit another appraiser. The key is to be patient and good money will come along eventually!

DON’T – Sell In Bulk

Never make the mistake of selling your jewelry in bulk. This often leads to getting an under appreciated value of your jewelry. Different jewelry will have different age, cut, and karat value. By mixing your jewelry together, you are basically mixing high value jewelry with moderate value ones. And what’s the result? You end up getting a moderate value for your jewelry. Hence, make sure that you separate your jewelry and get them appraised accordingly. This will provide you with a better estimate of their worth.


A great way to get your jewelry appraised today is to look for online jewelry appraisers. AGI New York can provide you with the best value of your jewelry by using AGI instruments and other modern methods to determine their value. With our help, you can earn maximum cash on your jewelry!


Top 5 Retailers of Jewelry Sales in US

Are you looking for something good to wear this Christmas? Or your beloved’s birthday is nearby and you have not yet decided on what to present her? Well, how about a nice delicate ring? Or a sparkling necklace with emeralds on it?

There is not a single woman on earth who does not like jewelry, which makes it the safest thing to present. By safest we mean you should be aware of your girl’s taste in jewelry and this is all you need to get her the best present.

Well, talking about jewelry, there are several jewelry retailers in the U.S. As a matter of fact, this industry is quite on the roll. The U.S. jewelry industry for retail has experienced a considerable growth in sales from the previous year. While there are a lot of jewelry retailers that are part of this growth, the major contribution is made by these five. They hold a large pie in the jewelry industry market share.

Now this piece of information gives you a headstart in your jewelry shopping expedition. Whether you are buying it for yourself or to gift someone, why not look at these places. The fact that they hold the top five positions in the U.S. jewelry retail industry implies they must have something unique to offer.


Courtesy of: Agi New York

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