how to clean diamond jewelry

Diamond is the hardest substance found on earth and it also has the tendency to attract grime and dirt. Whether your diamond jewelry is brand new or old, you will want to keep it sparkling for many more years to come. With continuous usage of diamond jewelry, the gems will start losing its shine. This especially happens in the case of diamond rings. Products like lotions and creams along with other grime can create a thick layer of dirt on your precious jewelry which blocks the light and as a result the diamonds becomes lifeless and dull.


You must know How to Clean a Diamond? and How to Clean Diamond Jewelry? The good news is, with a few cleaning tips; you can make your diamond sparkle as good as new.


Ways to Clean Diamonds

Diamonds lose their brilliance with everyday dust and with the usage of soaps, powders, lotions and creams. Additionally, the chemicals present in the air result in the discoloration and oxidization of the diamond’s mountings. Here are a few ways to clean your diamonds and retain the beauty and sparkle of your precious jewelry:


1.     Detergent Bath

In a bowl filled with water, add a mild liquid detergent (without chlorine). Mix it till warm foams are formed. Use a soft brush to clean your diamonds till some lather is created around them. Wash off with warm water. Afterwards, place your jewelry on a soft towel and pat it dry.


2.     Soak in Cold Water

In a bowl, make a mixture consisting of 1 part mild liquid detergent (without chlorine) and 4 parts cold water. Place your diamond jewelry in the bowl and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Take the jewelry out of the water and using a soft brush, tap all the mounting sides. Rinse the jewelry in the same solution and pat dry with a towel.


3.     Quick-Dip Technique

Use a branded jewelry cleaner liquid to clean your diamonds. Make sure it is suitable for the types of metals and gems used in your jewelry. Dip your items in the liquid and take them out immediately. Brush the gems and the mountings with a soft brush and pat dry with a towel.


4.     Ultrasonic Technique

There are several jewelry cleaning machines available in the market today. You will be able to clean your jewelry with this machine in just a few minutes. Majority of these machines include a metal cup for filling with detergent and water. They ensure that your jewelry comes out as good as new.


Few Tips

  •  Protect your jewelry from harmful chemicals. You always protect your hands from any kind of chemicals, so why not your precious jewelry too? The chemicals can take the shine and brilliance away from your diamonds.
  • When you are doing your daily housework tasks or gardening or any other rough activity, make sure you remove any diamond jewelry you are wearing.
  • Protect your diamonds from exposure to chlorine or bleach.
  • Never clean the diamonds with your fingers as the oils in your skin will leave residue on your gemstones.
  • If you have doubts about cleaning your diamonds yourself, ask your jeweler to clean them for you. Majority of them clean the jewelry without charging anything.