The Importance Of Appraisals In Diamonds And Gemstones Transactions

The importance of a certified diamond and gemstones appraiser is increasing more and more in today’s changing market environment. Consumers are more educated and sophisticated, while diamonds are more and more expensive. That’s why it’s so important to know the exact value of a diamond and make the best use out of the information provided by an expert gemologist. Now a day, a diamond is not appraised only by clarity,color or weight, because there are plenty of other factors to be taken into consideration:

  • Did the diamond have any temporary or permanent treatments applied?
  • Is the stone a synthetic diamond, a real diamond, a color-altered one, loaded with filler or a plain fake?
  • Is the information stated in the documentation accurate?
  • Is there any damage to the diamond?
  • Is the diamond really cut correctly?

Given those factors and for a buyer’s own safety, it’s recommended to use a third party appraisal service in transactions involving diamonds or other gemstones, as a matter of fact. The only other things people buy without having a “list price” are houses, so it’s obvious diamonds are a big investment for any person. Appraisers are therefore needed to confirm these type of transactions.

Gemology is the science and art of gemstones. Certified gemologists have special training in grading of gems, especially diamonds. The appraisal process involves two important components: the authentication of an item and the assignment of an appropriate value.

Over the years, jewelry stores, pawn shops, auction houses or other types of businesses would make appraisals of their own, based on previous experiences and using charts, such as the Rapaport Diamond Report to establish their own prices. Of course, these appraisals are not accurate and the need for independent appraisers was obvious. A fair appraisal is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer, and using the services of an independent appraiser ensures exactly this. Appraisers don’t buy or sell jewelry at all, they are just providing their services, so they don’t have any interest in the outcome of the appraisal. This is something most diamond and gems shoppers found to be useful, as serious sellers allow a period of time from the moment of purchase to return them, time that can be used to get an evaluation from an independent appraiser to confirm the information provided by the seller, or to receive more details.

Depending on a client’s needs, an appraisers is able to provide retail replacement value reports (used to confirm the quality of a gemstone), establish market value and fair market value, sale prices and other types of evaluation, varying from liquidation appraisal, damage reports or collateral appraisal.

AGI New York (Accredited Gemological Institute) offers all the services involved in diamonds and gemstones transactions with the help of state-of-the-art technology. The AGI laboratory is able to deliver customized reports and a wide range of appraisal services. Even more, the AGI gemologists are available for training, through seminars covering topics in the industry from treated gemstones to synthetic ones, to prepare business staff in better selling certified diamonds. The institute’s reputation for meeting client’s timetables is unsurpassed, making it a priority to treat each client with prompt and individual attention.



The Hidden Secrets of Estate Jewelry

old jewelry

The term of estate jewelry refers to old jewelry that was previously owned, regardless if inherited or obtained in other ways. Usually, when this type of jewelry is appraised, fair market value is used for estate evaluation purposes.

Many jewelry collectors or enthusiasts are eager to hunt for estate jewelry auctions, but they fail to realize not everything that’s old also has a great value. There seems to be a common myth how old jewelry offers finer gems or better workmanship, but of course that’s not the case. There are many exquisite pieces available today and it’s not like high quality gemstones have disappeared form the face of the earth. Actually, estate jewelry is tricky because it often happens that some old jewels are not what they seem to be and not even the previous owner was aware of it.

The older a piece, the more attentive you have to be. Stones set in old pieces are not always valuable, but just imitations, more or less well done. In some cases, the stone used in the jewelry are natural, not synthetic and not replicas, but their color makes them appear at the first glance something that they not. The case of the famous “ Black Prince’s Ruby”, part of the Queen’s Imperial State Crown is the best example for that. While the ruby was not a fake, it wasn’t a real ruby, but a red spinal, a natural gemstone that’s far more less valuable than a ruby. Imagine, if this happened to royalties, what makes you think it can’t happen to you?

Over the years, people were very inventive when it came to more or less faking the value of a jewel, for different reasons: to gain more money if they would sell it, to keep the appearence of a certain social status or for unknown reasons. For instance, it’s not unusual to see doubletes, which are two parts of a valuable gemstone, combined together with a bonding agent that makes them seem like a larger, finer and more valuable gemstone. Some doubletes are so well made, that only a trained eye can spot the difference.

A practice common for 18th century jewelry was using colored foil. Colored foil was placed between the gemstone and the metal backing. Although the period of the jewelry and the craftsmanship of the setting add great value, the color of the gemstones is very important for the final price.

All that being said,it’s true there are great opportunities to acquire great pieces form estate jewelry sales and auctions, but you will absolutely need to be careful, because otherwise you might end up spending a large amount of money on pieces that aren’t worth even half the price.  Especially for the market value, prices are fluctuating according to the trends and demands. Sometimes, jewelry from the Edwardian period is high in demand, other times the Art Deco period is increasing in popularity, not to mention that jewels from well-known houses, such as Cartier or Tiffany are much more valuable than “no-name” pieces. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to get appraisals for estate jewelry, in the case of inheritance and not only.

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Liquidation Appraisal- Get To Know The Actual Worth Of Your Gems

liquidation appraisal

There are some very rare and preciously valuable gemstones in the ownership of a few individuals who only have a vague idea of their real worth and value in the market. Some individuals acquire some gems and pieces of jewelry, passed down to them as family heirlooms, about which they have next to no idea regarding their market worth on the basis of their historical importance and gem quality.

The real worth of gemstones and jewelry is accurately determined by experts who have the required knowledge, experience and expertise within the business and industry. With the knowledge of the real value of a gemstone or antique piece of jewelry, it becomes easy for the owner to have a clear understanding of the luxury they enjoy and the asset they possess.

Liquidation Appraisal

Liquidation gem appraisal is the method of trying to gauge the real value of a gem or precious stone, if the owner was to sell it in the current market. The companies which offer services for gem appraisals and accurate evaluation of the worth of the antique or vintage jewelry also offer the service of accurately estimating the probable cost at which a gemstone can be sold on the market at that point in time.

Liquidation appraisal is named so because it is for the assistance of those owners who want to sell and liquidate their precious gems as soon as possible in the market. These appraisal services help such individuals to realize and understand the accurate worth of their precious gemstones, before putting them on the market for sale, so that they are not hoodwinked or swindled into settling for a price much less than the real worth of the stones.

An Important Service

The liquidation gem appraisal service is vital for those individuals who might have an urgent need to liquidate their gemstones in order to generate ready capital. As is usual while meeting emergency needs, people either have to sell their prized possessions at a price much less than their true worth, or are conned to settle for a smaller amount than is their rightful claim.

Liquidation gem appraisal service providing companies serve as expert guides in times of urgent need of individuals who are at their wits end to know the real worth and current value of their valuable in the market.

There might be a difference in the original price of the gem at which it was bought, and the cash price which it would fetch if it were to be sold immediately on the market. The liquidation appraisal experts understand this difference and estimate the value keeping all related factors in consideration.

Therefore, if you intend to sell a precious gem in the market and have an emergent need for ready cash, then you should avail the professional expertise of a liquidation appraisal service provider company.  They can offer you the guidance and expert support you need to make an informed decision, and ensure a sale in which you don’t suffer any significant loss due to a wrong estimate of the gem put up for sale.


Gemstone Shapes : What Are the Different Gem Shapes?

gem shapes

Variety of gem shapes are available today. Knowing more about the shapes and options available can make it easy to find what they need and to communicate with jewelers about the type of cut they want for their jewelry. The following are some of the most popular gemstone shapes and cuts, that might be just what you are looking for in your next purchase.



 Round Cut Gems

round cut gems

The round gem is the most popular gemstone shapes, and you can find it in a variety of different types of jewelry, including earrings and rings. Estimates are that nearly 75% of the diamonds sold are round cut diamonds. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the shape of the round gem allows them to reflect more light than the other gem shapes. They sparkle more, and this is very appealing to buyers. Even though round might be the most popular option, it is certainly not the only shape available.

 Princess Cut Gems

princess cut gems

Another popular choice is the princess cut gem shape. This shape has only been around for about thirty-four years, but quite a few people like the look. These are very popular for engagement rings, but they look great in other pieces of jewelry too.

 Oval Cut Gems

oval cut gems

These have some obvious similarities to the round cut diamonds. They reflect light beautifully as well, but one of the reasons people will sometimes choose the oval rather than the round diamond is because it can actually look larger, even if the carat size is the same, simply because of the shape. You could buy a smaller diamond and save money, but it will still look quite large, which might be ideal for those who are on a budget.

 Emerald Cut Gems

emerald cut gems

The emerald cut works for more than just emeralds. Any gem can have this type of cut, and it is actually quite popular with diamonds. The shape creates a very different type of sparkle than you would find with round or oval cut diamonds, and it can provide a very different look and feel than other cuts. However, one of the drawbacks with this cut is that it is easier to see imperfections the gem might have.

These are just four of the different types of gem shapes available today. Whenever buying gems, carefully consider all of the different cut options so you can make an informed buying decision. Click here to know more about different Diamond Cuts.


Gemstones: Express Yourself with a Rainbow of Gemstones


While diamonds may be synonymous with luxury and status, there are other gemstones out there that can make just as much of an impact. There is a wealth of colorful gems available to adorn your favorite jewelry pieces. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, with a rainbow of colors to choose from you are bound to find a combination that is right for you.

Red Gemstones

It isn’t just a matter of picking a red gemstone and being stuck with one option. There are many different hues of red from light pink to blood red. If your style tends to lean towards ultra-feminine, you may want to choose the lighter pink stone options. Should your budget allow, there are pink diamonds on the market, but there are more affordable options out there. The most popular pink stone found in fine jewelry is the tourmaline. It has been found to have shades ranging from pale pink to fuchsia. Other pink gemstones include rose quartz and pink sapphires.

Now, if you fancy yourself a more passionate person, the darker red gemstones may be more your style. The most popular red stone is the ruby, but there are darker options available. Pyrope and Almandine are both members of the garnet family, with Almandine tending to be the darker option. The bloodstone is also pretty self-explanatory and has a deep blood red hue. The darker red stones tend to look incredibly striking against a white metal setting.

Blue and Green Gemstones

The color blue is often associated with calm and peace, so if that is a message you want to convey with your jewelry, there are plenty of stones on this end of the spectrum to choose from. For those with a deeper pocket the sapphire is ideal, but it definitely isn’t the only option. The moonstone is a beautiful pale blue while the tanzanite stone has a purple tint to it. Some other beautiful blue stones to consider are the spinel, lapis, and azurite.

Green gemstones have a tendency to almost glow in their setting, whether in gold or silver. For a more fun green hue, stick with the neon green stones like peridot and chrome tourmaline. Jade is a popular choice for jewelry and has a creamy appearance ranging from light to dark green. You can also stick with the tried and true emerald, but it tends to be the most expensive option.

So, don’t settle on a diamond just because it is the most common gem on the market. Express your personality through the rainbow of gemstones available. Passionate reds and feminine pinks are just as perfect for men as they are for women. They look phenomenal in a classy pair of cufflinks or as an accent to an elegant timepiece. Match your earrings to your eyes with beautiful blue or green stones. No matter which end of the color spectrum you identify the most with, there is a stone out there for you. Let your personality shine through by embellishing your favorite jewelry with the colorful gem of your choice.

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