While diamonds may be synonymous with luxury and status, there are other gemstones out there that can make just as much of an impact. There is a wealth of colorful gems available to adorn your favorite jewelry pieces. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, with a rainbow of colors to choose from you are bound to find a combination that is right for you.

Red Gemstones

It isn’t just a matter of picking a red gemstone and being stuck with one option. There are many different hues of red from light pink to blood red. If your style tends to lean towards ultra-feminine, you may want to choose the lighter pink stone options. Should your budget allow, there are pink diamonds on the market, but there are more affordable options out there. The most popular pink stone found in fine jewelry is the tourmaline. It has been found to have shades ranging from pale pink to fuchsia. Other pink gemstones include rose quartz and pink sapphires.

Now, if you fancy yourself a more passionate person, the darker red gemstones may be more your style. The most popular red stone is the ruby, but there are darker options available. Pyrope and Almandine are both members of the garnet family, with Almandine tending to be the darker option. The bloodstone is also pretty self-explanatory and has a deep blood red hue. The darker red stones tend to look incredibly striking against a white metal setting.

Blue and Green Gemstones

The color blue is often associated with calm and peace, so if that is a message you want to convey with your jewelry, there are plenty of stones on this end of the spectrum to choose from. For those with a deeper pocket the sapphire is ideal, but it definitely isn’t the only option. The moonstone is a beautiful pale blue while the tanzanite stone has a purple tint to it. Some other beautiful blue stones to consider are the spinel, lapis, and azurite.

Green gemstones have a tendency to almost glow in their setting, whether in gold or silver. For a more fun green hue, stick with the neon green stones like peridot and chrome tourmaline. Jade is a popular choice for jewelry and has a creamy appearance ranging from light to dark green. You can also stick with the tried and true emerald, but it tends to be the most expensive option.

So, don’t settle on a diamond just because it is the most common gem on the market. Express your personality through the rainbow of gemstones available. Passionate reds and feminine pinks are just as perfect for men as they are for women. They look phenomenal in a classy pair of cufflinks or as an accent to an elegant timepiece. Match your earrings to your eyes with beautiful blue or green stones. No matter which end of the color spectrum you identify the most with, there is a stone out there for you. Let your personality shine through by embellishing your favorite jewelry with the colorful gem of your choice.

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