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What are Certified Diamonds? Want to know?

Certified Diamonds

Another term for a diamond certificate is the diamond report. These reports come from accredited gemological labs and they tell you about the diamond in question. In the report, they cover the 4Cs of diamonds – the color, cut, clarity, and carat. Today, the labs will use high-tech gear and equipment along with the expert eyes and experience of the gemologists to provide the most accurate diamond report possible. Anyone who buys a diamond, for whatever reason, should request a diamond report.

 Benefits of Buying Certified Diamond

Why should you buy certified diamonds? One of the biggest reasons is so that you can be sure you are getting a real diamond and that you are not paying too much for it. The report gives you a rundown of the diamond so you know exactly what it is you are buying. You can look at the report and know what the diamond will look like even without seeing it. In addition, certified diamonds tend to be able to hold their value better than those that do not have certification. By looking at the diamond reports, it makes it possible for non-experts to understand what they are looking at when they are examining a diamond. They can also use the reports to compare several different diamonds and know which one is the best. Since most people buying diamonds are not experts, the certificates serve as shorthand for understanding the diamond. Of course when buying, it is important to make sure that the certification comes from a high quality, accredited laboratory that has a good reputation when it comes to certification.

The Difference Between Diamond Reports and Appraisals

Many people do not realize there is a difference between appraisals and diamond reports, but the difference is actually huge. The report, as mentioned, covers the color, cut, clarity, and carat of the diamond in terms that the readers of the report can easily understand. The appraisal on the other hand is an actual valuation of the diamond from an expert. People will often need to get an appraisal if they want to insure their diamonds, which is always a good idea. The next time you are shopping for a diamond, make sure you ask for the diamond certificate so you can give it the once over for your own safety. It will help ensure you are making the right decision when you spend your money.

Importance of Stone Appraisal and Insurance


Diamonds aren’t cheap. Because of this you may want to consider having your diamonds and other precious stones appraised and insured. While the stones themselves will last more than your lifetime, situations can occur that are beyond your control. Just like any insurance, it is better to plan ahead so in case of emergency, you don’t have to scramble around to ensure your possessions are protected and covered. Following points will provide a deep insight into importance of stone appraisal and insurance


If you’ve inherited or been given a piece of jewelry that contains a fine diamond, the first thing you want to do is have it appraised. Certified appraisers will verify the four C’s of the diamond which includes color, cut, clarity, and carats. You will be given a full grading report detailing the proportions and finish of the diamond along with an estimated replacement value for your specific stone.

The purpose of having your diamond appraised isn’t just so you can flaunt its worth; it is more for your peace of mind. These detailed reports you will receive regarding the diamonds you have appraised will come in handy should anything happen that would require you to have them replaced. This is where diamond insurance comes in.


Just like your life insurance protects the ones you love from any financial burden, diamond insurance is there to protect your investment or inheritance in the event you are robbed or lose belongings due to an act of god.

Once your diamond has been appraised, you should keep the report in a place of safe keeping away from your home. A safety deposit box is ideal for these situations; that way you know if anything were to happen to your home, it would still be there. In the event your jewelry is lost or stolen or damaged beyond repair, the diamond insurance would give you either actual cash value, replacement value, or agreed value.

The actual cash value insurance would give you back, in cash, the amount the diamond is worth on today’s market rate rather than the actual amount paid for it. Replacement value insurance would give you a pre-determined amount to replace the diamond, which could actually be less than was originally paid. With agreed value insurance, you set a binding amount at the time the insurance is purchased and should anything happen to it you would receive that set amount of money.

It is a fact of life that bad things happen when you least expect it. By taking the initiative and having your fine jewelry pieces appraised at the time of purchase or receipt and then having them fully insured, you can be sure that your assets are protected in the event they are lost, stolen, or damaged. It is a wise investment to make when you consider the total value of your diamonds and other jewelry. It would be a shame to spend $25,000 on a beautiful diamond engagement ring only to have it lost within a year or two during your honeymoon or while she’s washing dishes. By appraising and insuring your diamond, you will be able to replace it without breaking the bank all over again.

Selecting the Right Diamond Cut for You

right diamond cut

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They look fabulous on men, too, though. These exquisite stones are used in a multitude of settings and applications, not just in jewelry. They are considered to be the hardest material on earth, and the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. Beautiful, elegant, and classy, diamonds are the first, and sometimes only, choice for fine jewelry. Take for example the engagement ring. This particular piece of jewelry is a physical representation of the love and commitment you want to express to the woman you love. The diamond you choose is more important the precious metal used in the setting, so you need to make sure you choose the right one.

Choosing Right Diamond Cut


You ask a woman what kind of engagement ring she wants and the first thing she is going to mention is the cut of the diamond. Ladies seem to be less concerned about what the ring is made out of and more about the shape of the diamond. While they are all diamonds, the cut of a diamond is just as unique as the woman you are hoping to present it to.

The cushion cut is one of the oldest cuts of diamond and is just as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. A square cut diamond is given rounded corners which gives it the distinctive cushion shape. They tend to have a better fire than some of the more modern cuts and are a popular choice in vintage or faux-vintage settings.

The princess cut diamond has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to its brilliance comparable to a round cut diamond. It is also one of the more economically priced right diamond cuts due to its ability to have two princess cut diamonds cut out of one rough stone.

The most in-demand cut for diamonds today is the round cut. It is also the most expensive due to the amount of waste that comes from the cutting process. They have been known to fetch more than 25 to 35% more in price than any of the other fancy cut diamonds.

Appearance Factors

When searching for a right diamond cut, the three things you want to compare are brilliance, fire, and scintillation. They are what gauge a successful cut and can vary from shape to shape.

The brilliance is measured by the amount of brightness you see when white light is reflected off of the surface or inside of your polished diamond. Fire is the flashes of color you see and scintillation is the amount of sparkle, or flashes of dark and light, when the diamond is moved in relation to a light source.

To be perfectly honest, only the most discerning women will be concerned about the perfection your stone possesses. The fact that you have put thought and care into the selection of stone for that all-important engagement ring will show her just how much she, and your relationship, truly mean to you.