5 Most Famous Engagement Rings

Are you an antique inspirer?

Do you like to explore or buy antique and expensive jewelry?

Are you a jewelry fanatic?

Are you a ring collector?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have definitely landed on the right page. This info-graphic introduces you to the five most popular engagement rings in the world. Now this is something of real interest! You must have heard about Kim Kardashian; who hasn’t! Did you know her engagement ring is worth £5.1 million? This may hold you in shock for a while, but yes this is true! And this is just one example of the awestruck facts on this page.

After wedding bands, engagement rings are perhaps the most cherished piece of jewelry that a woman gets in her entire life. And with an engagement ring being that popular, it becomes the most precious item too. Here, have a look at these five lucky ladies and their priceless famous engagement rings. What is more amazing is the fact that not all these ladies belong to the royal gentry. Some are celebrities too, who once belonged to the general public category.

The facts presented here may put you in a trance for while, but it may also give you a beautiful fantasy to relish.

5 most famous engagement rings

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Top 5 Retailers of Jewelry Sales in US

Are you looking for something good to wear this Christmas? Or your beloved’s birthday is nearby and you have not yet decided on what to present her? Well, how about a nice delicate ring? Or a sparkling necklace with emeralds on it?

There is not a single woman on earth who does not like jewelry, which makes it the safest thing to present. By safest we mean you should be aware of your girl’s taste in jewelry and this is all you need to get her the best present.

Well, talking about jewelry, there are several jewelry retailers in the U.S. As a matter of fact, this industry is quite on the roll. The U.S. jewelry industry for retail has experienced a considerable growth in sales from the previous year. While there are a lot of jewelry retailers that are part of this growth, the major contribution is made by these five. They hold a large pie in the jewelry industry market share.

Now this piece of information gives you a headstart in your jewelry shopping expedition. Whether you are buying it for yourself or to gift someone, why not look at these places. The fact that they hold the top five positions in the U.S. jewelry retail industry implies they must have something unique to offer.


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